I thought I was coming to a yoga teacher training to learn kick ass moves and postural assists. I had no idea the level of expansion, growth, transformation and heart opening I would under go. Wow, Wow, and Wow! Beyond any and all expectations. This might be sounding like a journal entry but, for the first time people see my light, they get it, and reflect it back to me. This has been the most Life-affirming experience, in a way that filled my heart so completely that I know I can return home and do that for others. Wow, THIS course should be a requirement for all of humanity. Thank you for providing such a loving, open, and inspiring environment for yogis to dive in and remember who they are.

Blessings and love.

Yandara graduate march 2013

I have learned how to incorporate my love for yoga and my beliefs into a lifestyle. I have met people that have expanded my hunger for knowledge. I have found a place where I am in my element. I have learned to relax more and I have learned more ways in which I want to be a better person. I laughed a lot. The meditation practice was wonderful because there were people like the Perkins’s to inspire us. Also the environment we were in was so safe, everything was taken care of. So we could use our “internal eyes”. The asana practice was wonderful. I deepened my practice and learned more about my body so I could teach my students. The Yandara experience was a beautiful, non-judgmental, comfortable environment to look deep into ourselves and get support from each other. It was amazing. the beauty and the changes will stay with me forever..

Regan Wilson

The growth I went through at Yandara Yoga School was amazing and I was given the tools to continue to grow. I don’t know what other trainings are like but I think this is a one of a kind experience.

Jen Day
Vancouver, BC

The yoga program offered excellent teaching with high standards.Organization, plentiful good food and clean campsites added to the enjoyment of my stay. The staff at YYI are caring people taking the students’ interests in mind. I would recommend this program to other individuals pursuing yoga teacher training.

Margie M. Goetz
Bellingham, WA 98226

To the wonderful Yandara Community! I am forever grateful for the illuminating experiences which have affected my life in such a profound and positive way! All the events leading to this incredible union at Yandara were worth every minute and were incredible in and of themselves. However, that union and the coming together of such breathtaking spirits in such a natural and gorgeous landscape has been even more unbelievable! My appointment from the Divine to come here was eye-opening and awe-inspiring! I thank all the beings who I have come to love here, the land and Mother Earth and the teachers who are so graceful in their yoga and life’s training, the nature spirits who surround and protect us and especially to God who has created all of these pure entities! I pray that Yandara continues on its great path as I go to pursue my own journey that Yandara has guided me towards so graciously!

I Love All! May our white lights keep shining!


My experience at Yandara has been an awakening for me. I have begun a lifelong journey and I want to spread to others the joy and love I have discovered. Satya (the practice of truthfulness) has allowed me to open myself up and although I have my work cut out for me, I am drawn to finding out who I truly am and what my purpose is in this universe. The chanting we do in Satsang invigorates my heart. The harmony we create is so unique to me. The staff at Yandara has been helpful and has open hearts and opened minds. The cooks make great food. The program is complete. My experience at Yandara has been incredible and I will take what I have learned with me into whatever my future holds.

Ami Gosalia

Thank you to all at Yandara for giving me and my soul a home this month. I couldn’t have had a more inspiring place to immerse myself in Mother Nature with the wild surf and intense and good yoga instruction. Thank you for the palapa, the hot showers and delicious meals and inspiring Satsangs. Thank you from the deepest gratitude of my soul!

May Yandara continue in Peace

Here I sit, my last day here, Transformed in so many ways. I’ve grown in many ways and learned from so many. A very intense, amazing 28 days. Here’s a Blessing on Yandara and a hope that you will grow and Blossom just as the minds of your students have and will. May you continue to Open minds and Open Hearts while opening bodies in Asana.

Much Love Namaste

Darrin Coldiron

Thank you,
This has been an amazing awakening and transformation; mysterious, challenging and complete. The ripples will issue out endlessly! Muchas Gracias


Katelyn Decker

What a transformative, rich experience this has been for me. I feel so renewed. This land, this community and all the teachings have inspired me in a way I never realized was possible. I will carry this experience with me forever.


Angie Tomey

All I ask of you is forever to remember me, as loving you. Thank you so very much for the beautiful experience and help to grow in a caring, loving and spiritual way. Your inner light has illuminated my soul and I will do my best to bring that spark to others I may encounter in this life and the ones to follow. May God keep you in His loving arms always and the Earth Mother cradle you in her womb.

All my love


My experience has been very enlightening. I received much more than I bargained for and I have a lot more understanding of yoga as a whole. The Satya and Satsang elements were very “happy treats” and really helped drive and direct the spiritual side. I’m going home centered, inspired, and feeling more alive than ever. Thank you for your gifts, your words, heart and true inspiration.

Student Graduate

“Victor and I were inspired by the yoga, nature and especially by being with wonderful people with open hearts.”

Shannon Brophy co-founder Yoga.com
Cambridge, MA


What a great class to begin the day with! Sun salutations should be a daily morning ritual for all yoga practitioners. The repetition of routine was enjoyable, no big surprises too early. I enjoyed the variations to the flow, and the freedom to go at our own pace and practice. It removed the feeling of a flow “class” to the true personal experience that it should be. I enjoyed having the opportunity to allow the students to teach/ lead.

Mar. 2007

The eye asanas will be used in my practice forever.

Mar 2007


Walking meditation was a beautiful way to begin the day at Yandara. I enjoyed waking up with the waves and reflecting on the day to come.

Jan 2006

Difficult to get up, but after that first step, I loved it! Watching the sunrise, walking the beach- a glorious time to start the day.



Kevin .. is an excellent teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed every class. He maintained the perfect relationship between teacher and student. I trusted his judgment due to his personal experience and his knowledge.

Feb. 2006

It was nice to have a teacher who set a fine example of a yoga practitioner, unbelievable information, and amazing in her breakdown of usually complicated subjects. Extremely nurturing and supportive, bringing a great level of comfort for me in her class.

Jan. 2006


The meals were always delicious and filling. I felt totally happy with the dietary plan. I think it works well in this environment, and for doing yoga. The fruit available for snacking helps a lot. The lemons for adding to water and tea are great, and made me feel more hydrated. I really appreciate the clean drinking water and clean food. I never worried about getting sick here. It’s fantastic to have almost every ingredient fresh from the market or garden and cooked with love and creativity.

Feb. 2006

Potential students should come for the yoga and stay for the food! Peter and Brigit did a wonderful job at providing and excellent variety of yummy prana charged cuisine.

Jan. 2006


The communication practice was an invaluable tool for my personal growth. I felt secure, vulnerable, loved all at once. Being in the presence of like minded people going through similar situations was comforting. This gave us all the opportunity to “put it all out there”, and know all would be well after it was “said and done”.

Oct. 2005

The communication practice was very effective at helping overcome initial barriers/ apprehensions with the group. A forum for honest expression of thoughts and feelings, really appreciated.

Jan. 2006


I truly enjoyed this section of the program. I love the chanting the movements with songs, and the time to attempt to meditate. I can’t imagine a yoga practice that wouldn’t be largely influenced by these practices. I enjoyed the film nights, dance nights and Shane’s drumming.

Feb. 2006