Jaya Band

At Yandara evenings are a special time devoted to Satsang – a time for all to gather. At Yandara you will enjoy many magical nights of dancing, singing, drumming and Kirtan with our on campus band: Jaya. Experience chanting mantras and the heartfelt experience of traditional bhakti devotion. Musical instruments include harmoniums, drums, Tibetan bowls, gongs, guitars, violins and more. Jaya performs on our welcome night, graduation night and many nights in between. Jaya is the perfect way to celebrate your day and after you will fall asleep rested, relaxed and with a heart full of love and a feeling of the highest vibration.

Jaya! ~
~Victory is the celebration of the unification of

the love vibration…

Jaya! ~ Harmony in communication, with each other &
every nation! With the birds that fly & the fish that
swim. Harmony without & harmony within….

Jaya! ~Celebrate in unity, Mindful diversity. ~Riding
endless waves of possibility ~Find yourself in eternity…

Jaya! ~When you find yourself reflected in each other…
Hold out your hand to your sister & your brother
Embrace the space that we share, feel the… wave of Love spreading everywhere!

Jaya! ~Into every heart & every Land. This is how we understand!
Jaya ! ~ to the waters that fall from the sky.
Jaya! to the rivers that will never run dry.
Jaya! To the ocean, Jaya! To the streams.
Jaya! To the vapors.
Jaya!To the steam.
Jaya! To the springs.
Jaya! To the mist.
Jaya! To the mountains who gives the sky a kiss.
Jaya! To the clouds ~ families of rain, eager to return to
Mother Earth again.
Jaya! To the union of mother earth & sky.
Jaya! To the tears that fall from our eyes.
Jaya! To our hearts, from where love springs &
blessings flow … into everything! Jaya!

Members of Jaya include:

Mercy Ananda

Instruments ~ Harmonium,
Dilruba, Acoustic Guitar,
Mandolin, Violin, Sitar & Tamboura

Shiva Das

Instruments ~ Drums, Gongs,
Tibetan Bowls


Instruments ~ Dotar, Harmonium,
Acoustic & Electric Guitar


Instruments ~ Tamboura &
Electric Bass Guitar


Students are always welcome to bring their own instruments from home. Jaya is located onsite in Baja and some members travel to the Hawaii and Bali locations. Jaya has Cds for purchase onsite.