Nourishing Your Journey – Food At Our Retreats

Students are always amazed and impressed by the wholesome cuisine created by the Yandara chefs. Meals are prepared with attention, fulfilling the nutritional demands of an intensive yoga program. The abundant meals are prepared with love and with the quality ingredients. Organic when available. Yandara meals are primarily vegetarian – fresh local fish, boiled eggs and dairy are optional. The kitchen team works closely with unique dietary needs – allergies and special diets (gluten free, dairy free and vegan) are easily accommodated. Students always enjoy the little extras such as the always full fruit bowl, herbal tea station, drinking water and special homemade dressings and sauces. Every meal is a surprise and students always look forward to meal time! Favorites include Bolo’s Pad Thai, April’s Green Papaya Salad and stone ground whole grain pesto pizza.

We have Papayas, bananas, oranges and mangos in our orchard. Special to our Baja trainings are baked potato days with fresh finely chopped garden herbs (fresh dill, chives, rosemary, basil and thyme), fresh local Dorado with garden basil pesto, garden beet and chard salad with balsamic dressing and samosas with fresh parsley/cilantro chutney.

Comments from around the table include:

“This is the best salad dressing I’ve ever had.”
“My mom thought I might starve at yoga camp – not a chance this is fabulous.”
“I need this recipe.”
“This is the best food ever.”
“I had no idea the food was going to be this good.”
“I never crave snacks here – I am fulfilled.”
“I am going for seconds.”
“The aroma of the homemade granola toasting got my mouth watering.”
“I so enjoy the homemade salsas, dressings and sauces.”
“I enjoy having my meals made and cleaned up for me – it allows me to focus on my practice.”

Hawaii is the land of tropical fruit and nuts. Our Yandara chefs travel to Hawaii and attend daily the local farmers markets and natural food stores ensuring only freshest organic ingredients are used to create their Hawaiian menu. Special to Hawaii are island grown tropical fruit and hot homemade whole grain cereal served at breakfast, macadamia nut pesto with quinoa pasta, sunflower 3 sprout salad with grated Daikon radish, lentil and sweet potato stew and fresh mint iced tea. The fruit bowl overflows 24/7 with island grown papayas, baby bananas, coconuts and pineapple. Aloha!

In Bali you can expect wonderful fresh curries, tempeh, Indonesian black rice, tempurah vegetables and nourishing Asian influenced soups and sauces. Breakfast is fresh fruit including papaya, melon, banana and pineapple; served alongside fresh toast and comforting oatmeal. A favorite is the tea table where fresh ginger, lemongrass tea and black, white and green teas are always available. Special to Bali is the $3 smoothie menu where fresh designer smoothies are available – choose from cocoa, papaya, banana and other fresh fruits. The menu, smoothies, fresh flowers and exceptional service in Bali always impresses.