300-Hour Training is Yoga Alliance Certified

Yandara Yoga 300-hour ADVANCED  Teacher training follows and incorporates Yoga Alliance Standards:

Techniques: (20 Contact Hours) Includes asanas, pranayama, kriya, chanting, mantra meditation and other traditional yoga techniques. These hours can be a mix between training in how to teach, practice techniques and guides practices.

Teaching Methodology: (5 Contact Hours) Includes communication skills, addressing specific needs, asana assists, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, the students learning process, and the business of teaching yoga. 

Anatomy and Physiology: (10 Contact Hours) Includes physical anatomy and bodily systems, organs, etc., and subtle/pranic anatomy and physiology (charkras, nadis, etc.).

Philosophy, Ethics, & Lifestyle: (25 Contact Hours) Study of Yoga Scriptures, living a yogic lifestyle, truthfulness and self introspection reading, understanding the value of teaching yoga as a service to others.

Practicum: (15 Contact Hours) Includes student being the lead teacher as well as observing and assisting in classes taught by others. Hours may be a combination of supervised and unsupervised.

Remaining Contact Hours: (190 Hours)  The requirements above ensure that all the trainees of a RYS receive training and instruction in five educational categories for a minimum number of designated hours. The remaining contact hours and elective hours are to be distributed among the five educational categories above, but the hours may be allocated at the discretion of each RYS depending on their program’s focus. 

Yandara Yoga Advanced 300-Hour Teacher Training complies with the 300-Hour Level of the Yoga Alliance Standards for Registered Yoga Teachers, as follows:

  1. Contact Hours: (270 Hours minimum) Instruction with the teacher trainer physically present (minimum 135 Contact Hours with Lead Trainer(s).
  2. Non-contact or independent study hours: (30 hours minimum) Learning when the teacher trainer is not present. This may include: assigned reading or other homework, unsupervised study groups, and observing other students’ instruction.

A Yandara Yoga Institute 300 Hour Teaching Certificate will be given upon successful completion of the program.

Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Registration Information:

(Yandara Yoga Institute is a Yoga Alliance Registered School.)

Upon successful conclusion of your Advanced Yandara training, you will be qualified to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level. To assist you in this process, at the conclusion of the Yandara training, we will supply you with the following:

  1. A short introduction to the Yoga Alliance registration page.
  2. A 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate

Certification is based on skills in the following categories:

  • Understanding of techniques and knowledge of how to teach them
  • Clarity of instructions
  • Demonstration skills
  • Observation of class and appropriate corrections
  • Pacing
  • Control of class
  • Manner of interaction with students
  • Ability to create and maintain physical, emotional, and psychological safety for students.

A fee for your upgrade from 200 RYT to 500RYT is required for this registration, payable directly to Yoga Alliance. 

RYT 500 Registration requirements:


-Completed a 500-hour training program with a RYS 500, OR 

-Completed a 200-hour training program with a RYS 200 AND an additional 300 hours of training with a RYS 300 (can be the same RYS or a different RYS). 


-Has at least 100 hours of teaching experience after completing training with a RYS 200 or 500. 



Teachers can register as an RYT 500 if they have successfully completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training with schools that are registered with Yoga Alliance. The 500 hours of training can either come from one school or can be a combination of a 200-hour program plus 300-hour advanced program. Advanced training is defined as training that requires participant to have completed a 200-hour training. Applicants must submit 100 teaching hours for this designation which must have taken place after completing a training program with a RYS 200 or 500. Once registered, a RYT 500 is able to provide continuing education classes and workshops to other teachers.